Best Chess Books and Apps for Kids

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Chess books and apps
Searching for chess content for kids online or in an app store will return a huge number of books, websites and apps. As a busy parent the challenge as ever is trying to find the best content amongst the sea of possibilities. Not unlike trying to find the best move in a game of chess !</... Read More

5 Tips for Helping Children Learn Chess

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Daughter playing father at chess
"Chess cannot be taught. Chess can only be learned." this is a quote from Mikhail Botvinnik the sixth World Chess Champion (1948 - 1963). He was the father of the famous Soviet Chess School and so actively engaged in training up future world champions such as Anatoly Karpov, Gary Kasp... Read More

How To Teach Your Child Chess

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How to Teach Your Child Chess Book Cover
SerendipityWhenever you start a new project or endeavour it's always uplifting to find like-minded people who share your passion. And so it was that shortly after launching Acorn Chess in October 2020 I came across Andy Trattner's post ... Read More