Acorn Chess in the Classroom

Designed for teachers and parents

Digital Chess Demo Board

No more losing pieces or magnets

IWB and smartboard compatible

Large clear display designed for Interactive White Boards (IWB) and smartboards in the classroom.

Optimised for touch screen

Large menu buttons and click to move option make for an intuitive touch screen experience.

Instructive content ready to use

Built-in library of 30+ mini-games ready to use along with a library of annotated classic games.


Instructive Content Bulit-in

Mini-games, lessons and classic games ready to use

Mini-game library

Mini-games include clear and simple rule instructions. Teacher can demonstrate mini-game and then children can practise with a real board against each other.

Annotated Classic Games

Inspire the children by showing some of the most famous games of chess ever played by giants such as Morphy, Anderssen, Rubinstein and Capablanca.

Engine tuned for chidren

The built-in engine is great for providing a demo of how to play some mini-games. Lower levels make typical mistakes of junior beginners.

Demo of Classroom Edition

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