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Library of instructional mini-games to play.

Tutor Control

Set up custom mini-games or other positions for a lesson.

Chess engine

Play regular chess or mini-games against a multi-level specialist engine.

Library of mini-games

Comprehensive library of 30+ chess mini-games that help younger students learn in a fun way.

Clear explanation of rules

Each mini-game provides clear instructions of what is required to win the game and which special rules apply.

Helpful guidance

If a move is made which is not allowed based on the mini-game rules a clear explanation is provided.

Engine with 6 levels

Two player mini-games can be played against one of the 6 levels of engine from beginner to expert. The lower levels play at the level of a beginner/intermediate junior player.

What are chess mini-games ?

Learn why mini-games are ideal for children learning chess


Tutor control

Designed for tutors running a lesson by sharing their screen over a web conference.

Set up custom mini-games

Intuitive position editor to set up any position and ability to configure or add mini-game rules.

Board annotation

Enable board annotation to allow drawing of arrows and circles on the board for explaining ideas.

Manage libraries of positions

Organise a library of positions that could include mini-games, endgames or custom positions.

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